Friday, November 28, 2008

Fiction- Bye Bye Baby

The day looks gloomy, think its about to rain. Riding my bullet through the streets, leather jacket on…looking ace today, after all I am gonna see my baby.

The road seems busy, a school bus blocking my view. Looking at the little girl fighting with her dad to get in.. reminds me of the things my baby told me about her dad and the days they fought, the days they argued. She really loves her dad …said I was second only to him ….too bad he passed away…he he

Sirens blazing, broke my array of thoughts, now back on the road. Seems to have been an accident, another usual day in this city.

Lot of new complexes up, I see some pretty girls stepping into one. Bah!, why bother , I got my baby and that’s who I wanna be with. Ring in my pocket, our names embedded in it.

Ah, there she is , in the distance, looking bright even on a day as gloomy as this.I park my bike next to her, waiting for her to hop on. She leans forward, gives me a kiss on the cheek, the best I ever felt.

She then sits behind me, the first words I hear, “ I love you”, she said. Start my engine….give it a little rev. Let the guys know shes my girl…he he.

She wraps around me. I ask her where to, she says she just wants to be like this for a while.

Half an hour I rode, then I hear her sob, she says her dads calling her away... mom married again. I never liked the guy, never liked me too. They lived in Canada miles from home.

I braked suddenly, only to think she was joking, said, “ No way!!!”. Looked into her eyes, and it was no more the place I looked for peace. She meant it, shes gotta go.

I told her if that’s what she wanted, she said, “You already know the answer.”

She asked me to move on, and remember that I will always be a part of her. I felt a little chill on my cheek….noticed it was a tear.

We rode a bit more, silence in the air. She asked me to drop her back from where I picked her, the place that will always be stuck in my head.

So I dropped her, no kiss this time. The last few word, “ I will always love you”, she said.

My drive back home was slow, like I didn’t know where to go. Saw the sun beginning to set

Got back home, my mother waiting for me in the porch. I knew she would be waiting, as always, I am late.

I was in no mood for a lecture so I just briskly walked by. She held my hand and then hugged me, “Sorry”, she said. Perturbed and hurt, I asked , “ why?”

She said that my baby had an accident in the morning, lost her life. I was in shock as my heart just broke.

Then I remembered the sirens, and that I was only second to her dad

Friday, November 21, 2008

I think... I know ....I am

Hey, this is my first blog....

I know life is a gift,
I think the gift is a bitch.

I am not a chauvinist,
I definitely think girls cant drive.

I am not a church goer,
I always keep the faith.

I think girls are weird,
I know they are the better of the two sexes.

I think I aint afraid of the dark,
I am scared as to what happens when the lights come back

I think I will be the last person on her mind,
I know that she trusts me with her life.

I know my boss can be a pain,
I think he rocks!

I think I am good at my work,
I know I am better at something else.

I think that cheaters do prosper,
I know you know this already

I am impulsive,
I take time to raise my voice.

I think that I don't boast
I know this blog is about me.