Monday, August 10, 2009

Track II- Little plastic angels

Wake up at the break of dawn

They make my world spin

Shake them off and I run away

Into the city filled with sin

I look around and they’re all I find

I ride away again

I wanna world without their faces

I wanna feel no pain

But wherever I go, I’m stuck with these angels

These angels straight from hell

I take out my loaded automatic

And straight to earth they all fell


These little plastic angels

Fucking with my head

I’m what they want, i’m what they need

These little plastic angels want me dead.

Pleasure could be their reason

Evil could be their goal

Eating up my conscience

These angels tear through my soul

should i keep running,

or fight my own fear,

they just seem to get stronger,

these angels come from hell.

Do I see a dead end,

Will i see this all unfold,

then i get up in bed,

I see she has my soul!


Sue said...


raspy undertone said...

I still think "little plastic angels" are techno gadgets like mobiles and comps !!

alole said...

i see a fierce past in your vulnerable soul... Lil' plastic angles def. has something to do with the two-side face!